Buy Placer Gold

buying placer gold

We sell raw placer gold by the gram. Please read the following.

Our placer gold is mined or purchased from gold miners and gold prospectors from all over the US. We DO NOT buy placer gold from outside the US.  Every gram sold is weighed on certified scales down to the 100th of gram for accuracy.  It is placed in a glass vial, wrapped and shipped to you via USPS Priority mail.  Our placer gold is 99% free of black sand and non-gold material.  Our gold ranges in size from 200 mesh (fine dust) to larger pieces roughly 1/8″  We do not sell specific SIZES, it is all mixed.


buy placer gold

Order Placer Gold

-We sell by the gram, you can order as many as you want.
-US customers only.
-All orders are shipped on the following Friday via USPS Priority mail.

ONE GRAM – $57 + 8.75 shipping